Our Mission

To drive Lebanon towards becoming an Innovation Nation.


Our Ambition ​

By being at the epicenter of dialogue between forward-looking private sector entities and branches of the national government, IDEAS works to drive forward the vision of Lebanon as a Nation of Innovation. At the forefront of its quest, IDEAS aims to grow Lebanon’s economy into an exporter of innovation.

Our Philosophy

We aim to establish Lebanon as a regional hub and exporter of innovation by working with academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders in Lebanon and globally, as well as the government. We work to leverage technology and innovation for rapid economic growth.

Our Guiding Framework

  •  An efficient and transparent Public Administration
  • A culture of solid corporate governance and business ethics 
  • Protection of property rights
  • An independent judiciary 
Infrastructure Icon
  •  Higher quality and available public transport
  • Clean, continuous power generation
  • A cost-efficient communication infrastructure  
  •  Improved fiscal and monetary KPI’s
  • Healthy savings rates
  • Healthy sovereign rating 
  • Efficient, high quality public health with comprehensive and inclusive coverage
  • A tech-enabled basic education system with a wider geographic reach
  •  Improved quality of higher education 
  • Ample on-the-job training opportunities 
  •  Domestic and foreign competition that drives innovation in product and service delivery 
  • More efficient local markets 
  • Ease of doing business 
  •  Labor markets that are driven by meritocracy and gender parity  
  • An efficient , stable , trustworthy and regionally leading financial and banking system
  • A developed capital market 
  •  Tech-savvy citizens 
  • Digitally transformed businesses 
  •  A domestic market that transcends its physical borders  
  •  A business environment that champions efficiency over any form of bureaucracy  
  •  Unwavering national commitment  to technological innovation 

Beneath it all is Lebanon’s technological readiness: an underlying common denominator to national advancement.

The Board

Nadine Hachach-Haram

Board Member & Founder

Tarek Sadi

Board Member & Founder

Omar Christidis

Board Member & Founder

Khaled Zeidan

Board Member & Founder

The Team

Dalia Khalil
Organization Design Consultant

A Management Consultant practicing in Lebanon and across the Gulf since 1996, Dalia Khalil – Founder of Paragon Business Improvement – brings a wide variety of skills, insights and organizational planning capabilities to IDEAS and its continuous stream of projects in the pipeline. Collaborating closely with IDEAS’ dynamic and growing team as well as Board members, Dalia works to align IDEAS’ planning platforms, daily targets, team effort and constantly bustling spirit of innovation with the organization’s forward-looking vision of driving Lebanon’s innovation capabilities.

Youmna Hachach
Project Manager - Business Sectors

Youmna Hachach holds an AA in Marketing from Langara College and a BA in Public Administration and Political Studies from the American University of Beirut. As the Project Manager for Business Sectors at IDEAS, Youmna’s executive relationship management skills, communication, business development and marketing background as well as her capabilities in terms of data mining, content management, lead generation, channel partner cultivation, customer segmentation/profiling, CRM and acquisition strategies represents an enabling combination for the launching of IDEAS programs. She is responsible for projects and programs aimed at bridging public-private sector gaps for the advancement of Lebanon. 

Joelle Zlaket
Project Manager - Foundation Sectors

Joelle Zlaket’s holds a BA in Political Science and International Affairs from Arizona State University, and is a Master’s Degree candidate at NDU, Lebanon in International Affairs and Diplomacy with an emphasis on international law. Joelle launches and runs IDEAS’ programs that are related to the foundation sectors (institutions, infrastructure, education, health and similar sectors). She has over 10 years of experience working between the Private and NGO sectors. With strong interest in innovation and economic development, she brings a wide spectrum of experience in the areas of Education Management, Human Resources, Business Development, Project Management, Public Relations, Partnership Development, Research, Economic Development, and Environmental Awareness.

Ali Awada
Communication Associate

Holder of a BBA with a concentration in Marketing from the American University of Beirut, Ali Awada, the Communication Associate at IDEAS, brings to the team a passion for digital communication, originality, insightful research and marketing creativity that have contributed immensely to the various IDEAS projects.

Ahmad Deeb
Technology Associate

Ahmad Deeb is a Masters Degree candidate at AUST, pursuing studies in Information & Communication Technology with emphasis on Machine Learning. After successfully completing the Summer of Innovation 2018 Program, Ahmad joined IDEAS as our Technology Associate. A Tech-savvy professional, Ahmad’s innovative insights serve to enhance the organization’s technological capabilities.

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