Summer of Innovation

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Summer of Innovation showcases programs that revolve around innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and creativity. It expanded to involve the greater Lebanese population, working with groups and startups on a variety of events that spanned across Lebanon.

Summer of Innovation

The Office of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, in collaboration with IDEAS, have been working on the Summer of Innovation to bring to the public new and exciting events.  In 2017, we had witnessed success with programs geared towards the youth focusing on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and creativity.  As a result of the “Summer of Innovation” initiative, three programs were created promoting innovation in Lebanon: IDEAS, Bawabat al Ibtikar, and Startup Scouts.

In 2018, this initiative grew into a program and gave visibility to all groups organizing activities in these fields between July and October 2018. It expanded to include the greater Lebanese population.  The PM’s Office and IDEAS worked with more groups and startups to work on a variety of events that span across Lebanon, and to show the Lebanese population all the possibilities that can be accomplished through various programs that have been running and succeeding. 

By working together, all the players have been able to create economic growth in Lebanon through their innovation. Along with the help of BDL 331c. and other venture capitals injecting funds into the economy, we have been able to witness a boom in Lebanon.  With the boom, came the creation of a new job economy, when it seemed to be stagnant.  

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