The Serail Internship Program

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The Serail internship program ran for the first time in the summer of 2017 with seven interns from a variety of backgrounds. The following year’s SOI initiative led to the permanent hiring of some of the program’s interns by IDEAS.

The Serail Internship Program

The Serail Internship Program is a unique opportunity launched in 2017 to offer youth the chance to actively participate in initiatives created by the Prime Minister’s Office. It enables youth to work on projects and initiatives that engage the private and public sector such as Summer of Innovation.  It is an opportunity offered to university students and recent graduates to help support their professional development exposing them to new trends in technology, innovation, and the overall startup ecosystem.

The program is run in collaboration with IDEAS, at the heart of Beirut, in the Beirut Digital District which allows them to experience first-hand how the private and public sectors can work together.

It is a 3 month cycle, and students are recruited from all universities across Lebanon.

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