20 August 2018

PM Saad Hariri welcomes competition participants

“I want you to consider this [space] as your own private space, and I want to welcome you all as the young generation driving Lebanon forward”. Prime Minister Hariri welcomed a crowd of 140 Architecture students at the Grand Serail, encouraging them to give their best, and contribute their fresh ideas and contagious enthusiasm towards a better Lebanon.


20 August 2018

PM Saad Hariri launching summer of innovation

‌Prime Minister Saad Hariri hosted at the Grand Serail the closing ceremony of the second edition of “Summer of Innovation” in cooperation with IDEAS. In his opening speech, he stressed the importance of turning the nation into a technology hub, one that nurtures Lebanon’s youth potential to where national innovation transcends across borders. “Our main resources are the Lebanese people” resonated throughout as the core message to all stakeholders concerned, from educators to legislators to financial enablers.

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20 August 2018

Vice-chairman of IDEAS Speaks at SDE Summit

IDEAS Board Member Mrs. Yasmina El-Khoury Raphael was a panelist in the Sustainable Digital Ecosystem Summit held in the Middle East Training Center, Lebanon on January 22nd, 2019. Mrs. El-Khoury’s intervention was under the panel entitled: “The Lebanese Government’s Role Towards Maximizing 4IR Benefits and Lowering Threats”, during which she presented an overview of government initiatives in this context.


20 August 2018

Our Board Member’s Very Own Ted Talk

IDEAS Board Member Nadine Hachach-Haram discussed the benefits of technology in surgery at the TED stage in New Orleans. Through developing new systems that help surgeons operate together and train one another on new techniques from remote locations using low-cost, augmented reality tools. Watch the system in action as she joins a surgeon in Minnesota performing a knee surgery, live on her laptop from the TED stage in New Orleans. 


20 August 2018

Panel Discussion In Lebanon Agri-food Innovation Day

Mrs. Yasmina El Khoury, Vice-chairman of IDEAS speaks at the Lebanese Agri-Food Innovation Day 2019 on the role of the government and legislations in supporting the agricultural and food sector. She further discussed the 6 pillars that the government is working on, namely: legislation, digitization, online registry, funding, startup support, and initiatives by the Prime Minister’s Office such as Summer Of Innovation.


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