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IDEAS is an NGO that was initiated to be a catalyst enriching the conversation between academia, the public sector and the private sector, working towards establishing strategic local and cross-border partnerships that foster lasting social and economic change in Lebanon. 

What drives our IDEAS

The World Economic Forum annually publishes a Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) in order to measure national competitiveness around the world. According to the GCI reports, “a nation’s level of competitiveness reflects the extent to which it is able to provide rising prosperity to its citizens”. Such prosperity rests on 12 pillars that have become the driving force at IDEAS.


Higher quality and available public transport

Macro Economy

Improved fiscal and monetary KPI’s

Health & Primary

Efficient, high quality public health

Higher Education

Improved quality of higher

Efficient Market

Domestic and foreign competition

Labor Market

Labor markets that are driven by meritocracy and gender parity

Financial Market

An efficient , stable , trustworthy and regionally leading financial and banking system

Technological Readiness

Tech-savvy citizens


An efficient and transparent public administration

Market Size

A domestic market that transcends its physical borders

Business Sophistication

A business environment that champions efficiency over any form of bureaucracy


Unwavering national commitment  to technological innovation

Beneath it all is Lebanon’s technological readiness: an underlying common denominator to national advancement.



people participated in SOI events in 2018.

Summer of Innovation

  • Health & Primary Education
  • Technological Readiness
  • Innovation

Summer of Innovation showcases programs that revolve around innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and creativity. Since its debut in 2017, this launch-pad has showcased 27 promising startup businesses out of Beirut’s Grand Serail, and under the patronage of His Excellency PM Saad Hariri

Bawabat Al Ibtikar

  • Health & Primary Education
  • Technological Readiness
  • Innovation

Bawabat Al Ibtikar is designed to drive STEAM activities targeting public school students through a connected and structured setting managed by the schools themselves with the support of public and private sector stakeholders, as well as IDEAS.

360 K

Public schools students in Lebanon.



PM Saad Hariri launching summer of innovation

‌Prime Minister Saad Hariri hosted at the Grand Serail the closing ceremony of the second edition of “Summer of Innovation” in cooperation with IDEAS. In his opening speech, he stressed the importance of…

Serail Internship Program

The launching of Summer of Innovation in 2017 and the platform’s re-run in 2018 has resulted in a series of recruitments by the Serail Internship Program, the latest of which has led to permanent…

Innovation for Public Schools

Bawabat Al Ibtikar will be equipping 5 pilot program public schools with innovative technological spaces that are STEAM-ready before the end of 2019. Otherwise known as Innovation Gate…

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